End Needle Attaching Machines

A Proven Way to Attach Drilled – End Needles


Attaching machines are available in three sizes:

Model 2-A (.009″ – .017″ wire diameter needles)

Model 4-A (.020″ – .034″ wire diameter needles)

Model 5-A (.039″ – .062″ wire diameter needles)




The attaching machines can be purchased separately or as a complete machine as shown below. The complete machine is supplied with the attaching machine mounted on a laminate table (choice of color) complete with legs, foot pedal assembly and connecting rods “Ready to Run”.

Table Size: 21″ x 48″ – Workspace: 50″ x 48″ – Yield: 200 – 400 attachments/hour


The needle is placed between the attaching dies in the attaching machine, the suture material is inserted into the needle hole, and the foot pedal is then pressed crimping the needle to the suture material. An average yield, depending on the size and operator, is 200-400 attachments per hour.



Needle Tray – Holds needles at the attaching station for handling convenience.

Suture Tray – Holds suture material at the attaching station for handling convenience.

Test Puller – Used for checking the needle/suture holding strength at the attaching station



  • 1. The 4-A and 5-A attaching dies are interchangeable, 2-A attaching dies will only fit the model 2-A attaching machines
  • 2. Many customers use the 4-A model for attaching all needle sizes, although if attaching a larger quantity of smaller wire diameter needles you may want to consider the model 5-A machine.

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