RK Mono Winder

The RK Mono Winder is an easy and reliable way to cut monofilament sutures from a spool to their required length.

  • Size: 48″ wide x 21″ deep
  • Workspace: 60″ x 48″
  • Yield: 3,000/hour

How It Works

The monofilament suture material is wound from the spool onto a drum, usually at 50 sutures/drum. (The circumference of the drum determines the suture length. One drum is required for each suture length.)

Once the sutures are wound, they are removed from the drum. The drum has three grooves—a piece of string is tied around the sutures in two outer grooves, and the middle groove is used to cut the sutures from the drum with scissors. The bundle of sutures is then removed from the drum with both ends tied for easy handling.