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Surgical Suture Manufacturing

RK Manufacturing has been assembling suture based medical devices for over 20 years. We have developed our own line of manufacturing equipment to facilitate this work. The experience, engineering, quality, and commitment you get when you partner with RK is second to none. We process all suture varieties and materials including monofilaments and braids that are absorbable or non-absorbable in all standard sizes. We specialize in tipping, cutting and attaching UHMWPE in all configurations for the orthopedic market including tapes and loops.

  • iconQuality Based Processes & Systems
  • iconAble to Work with Various Materials & Configurations
  • iconTime to Market and On-Time Delivery
  • iconTechnical Experience
  • iconEngineering & Project Management Expertise


Stainless steel surgical needles are used to deliver surgical sutures into various types of tissues and are a critical piece to the overall performance of a suture-based surgical device. Surgical needles come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and point styles to meet your design needs.

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